SFO, airport, airliner, Lufthansa, Airbus A380,

Lufthansa Airbus A380-800, American Airlines Boeing 737-800

@ San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, CA

August 2016

Having a camera out as a passenger doesn’t always pay off whether its poor lighting, scratched window, heat haze, etc.  It all clicked on recent flight, and I was able to get some nice images of various airliners in new (to me) backdrops.  Here a departing A380 heads out for a runway while passing a returning 737.  Lufthansa is the second European airline to operate the Airbus A380 (after Air France). The first A380 was delivered on May 2010 and is one of the 14 in the fleet.  The 737 is the most numerous aircraft in the American fleet, with 277 in service.  Nikon D500 w/18-200, processed with Aperture.


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