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My passion for all things airplane has been a lifelong condition, leading me to a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and a lengthy aerospace career. Surprisingly, I did not point a camera at an airplane until my last year in college (1982) and have not stopped since. I live and work in Northern California where I try to attend at least four or five local airshows each season. An aerospace career has provided me many chances to photograph subjects ranging from Space Shuttles and giant Antonov transports to helicopters at the Hiller Aviation Museum. Volunteering at the museum affords numerous photo opportunities. Though I prefer to photograph military aircraft, I have been diversifying my topics as my style continues to develop.

I have been a member of the International Society for Aviation Photography since 2008 and recommend  it to all photographers serious about this field.  Excellent networking and opportunities to learn firsthand from the true masters of their craft (even if some use Canon).  In 2013 I was a Second Place winner in the international Aviation Week Photo Contest, the premier photo contest for this field.

Improvements in Nikon hardware, and better technique/workflow on my part,  has helped me improve the quality of my images, resulting in articles and photographs appearing in General Aviation News, Airport Journals, Pacific Flyer, InFlight USA, and Smithsonian Air & Space.  In 2010 I became one of the official photographers for the prestigious Living Legends of Aviation Awards gala held in Beverly Hills.  I use Think Tank and Peak Design products while using and transporting my equipment.

2010 Living Legends of Aviation program

Living Legends of Aviation photo album

For any inquiries, please contact me via email: haymant @ gmail.com

More of my aviation photos can be seen at http://myownphotos.shutterfly.com

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