Bell UH-1H Super Huey- Calif Dept of Forestry

@San Carlos Airport, CA

June 2006

Military surplus Hueys are a popular choice for aerial firefighting and Calif Dept of Forestry (now CAL FIRE) was a regular exhibitor at the Hiller Aviation Museum’s Vertical Challenge helicopter airshows.  Performing here during the 2006 show is an ex-Army (originally delivered 1969) UH-1H “Copter 106” that was acquired by the CAL FIRE in 1981, one of eleven in the fleet.  This one was actually a EH-1H modified as a communications jamming aircraft with the US Army.  There are nine Helitack bases located statewide.  Panasonic DMC-FZ30 @ 15mm, processed with Aperture.


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