FFA P-16 Prototype

@ Flieger Flab Museum, Dubendorf, Switzerland

December 2016

First flown in 1955, the FFA P-16 was a Swiss prototype ground attack jet fighter designed  by Flug-und Fahrzeugwerke AG to replace the piston-engined aircraft then in service with the Swiss Air Force.  The project was cancelled in 1960, after five aircraft were built, in favor of the Hawker Hunter.  As of 2007, only this single example, assembled from parts of two of the prototypes, remains in existence. It is on display here at the Swiss Air Force Museum at the Dübendorf Air Base.  Interestingly, Bill Lear took notice of this aircraft’s efficient wing design and worked with FFA to design the Learjet around the P-16 wing. Nikon D500 w/Tokina 10-17mm, processed with Aperture.


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