Bell UH-1H Super Huey- Calif Dept of Forestry

@San Carlos Airport, CA

June 2006

Military surplus Hueys are a popular choice for aerial firefighting and Calif Dept of Forestry (now CAL FIRE) was a regular exhibitor at the Hiller Aviation Museum’s Vertical Challenge helicopter airshows.  Performing here during the 2006 show is an ex-Army (originally delivered 1969) UH-1H “Copter 106” that was acquired by the CAL FIRE in 1981, one of eleven in the fleet.  This one was actually a EH-1H modified as a communications jamming aircraft with the US Army.  Th Bambi Bucket weighs 140 pounds empty, and the Huey performs best when set up for 80 percent capacity (259 gallons) weighing about 2,165 pounds.  There are nine Helitack bases located statewide.  Panasonic DMC-FZ30 @ 15mm, processed with Aperture.

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