Shenyang J-6, MiG-21MF

@ Vietnam People’s Air Force Museum- Hanoi, Vietnam

July 2008

I was able to tour this museum during a family trip in 2008.  Besides the $1.20 USD admission fee, I had to pay an additional $.30 USD for a photo permit.  Some 50 countries over four continents have flown the MiG-21, considered the most-produced supersonic jet aircraft in aviation history.  First flown in 1955, the MiG-21 was the first Soviet plane to reach Mach 2.  It was in production from 1959 to 1985.  The first MiG-21s were delivered to North Vietnam directly from the Soviet Union in April 1966.  Retired from Chinese service, the VPAF still operates the J-6, a Chinese built version of the MiG-19 Farmer.  Nikon D70 w/28-85mm, 2016 re-edit with Aperture.


One Response to “Shenyang J-6, MiG-21MF”

  1. Coolest Eastern Bloc aircraft EVER! And that surface detail is a modeller’s dream.

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