Lockheed P-38F Lightning

@Westpac Restoration, Colorado Springs, CO

May 2016

Westpac Resorations is very close to adding another P-38 to the short list of flyable examples in the world.  This aircraft was scrapped in New Guinea in 1944 after a nosewheel collapse, then buried in a pit after the war.  Recovered in 1999, the wreckage ended up here at Westpac where the most comprehensive P-38 restoration ever done is being undertaken, and will be one of only two flying P-38s with working turbochargers.  This aircraft is restored to its original 475th Fighter Group wartime markings.  Nikon D500 w/18-200mm, processed with Aperture.


3 Responses to “Lockheed P-38F Lightning”

  1. Wonderful news! In Australia, ‘Westpac’ is nothing more exciting than a big bank! I’ve mentioned your post on my Facebook thingy… https://www.facebook.com/airscapemag

  2. ……is the P38 Lt. Jerome Gettler flew in New Guinea????

    • Yes. This is what I found online: “On a portion of the original un-restored cockpit gondola of “White 33″, the name of Lt. Jerome A. Gettler can still be seen applied, who ended up being the last pilot assigned to this aircraft during the war when it was part of the 433rd FS, 475th FG. Jerome Gettler was still alive and well when the aircraft was recovered and the restoration began, but sadly he passed away in 2012.”

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