Madras Dawn Patrol

@ Madras Municipal Airport, Oregon

August 2015

A dawn patrol of a very different sort begins to taxi towards the runway for an early morning Madras Air-to-Air Experience photo session.  The Mitsubishi A6M3 Reisen (Zero) comes from the Southern California Wing of the Commemorative Air Force.  The Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa “Oscar” (center) and the Grumman F4F Wildcat (right) are part of the impressive Erickson Aircraft Collection located here at Madras Municipal Airport.  Nikon D7100 w/18-200mm, processing with Aperture and Aurora HDR.

2 Responses to “Madras Dawn Patrol”

  1. wow, are these available to visit at the airport?! I wrote about the Chino, CA airport museum: Enjoy!

  2. The Oscar and Wildcat are at the Erickson Aircraft Collection museum at the airport in Madras, OR. Have to go to SoCal to see the Zero.

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