Bombardier 415 Superscooper

@ McClellan Airfield, Sacramento, CA

March 2016

I teamed up with Rob Edgcumbe to provide media coverage of the 2016 Aerial Firefighting International conference.  The highlight of the event were the aerial demonstrations session which included a variety of static display aircraft like this Bombardier 415.  This Canadian amphibious aircraft was designed and built specifically for aerial firefighting and is based on the company’s earlier CL-215 flying boat.  The 415 can scoop up to 1,620 gallons of water from a nearby water source, mix it with a chemical foam if needed, and drop it on a fire without having to return to base to refill its tanks.  Only 95 of these unique aircraft were built before production was paused in 2015.  Nikon D300 w/18-200mm, processed with Aperture.


2 Responses to “Bombardier 415 Superscooper”

  1. Nice shot. 95 aircraft produced before production stopped. We operate s/n 2095.

  2. Thanks Jason. Guess Wikipedia is not always accurate!

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