North American P-51D Mustang

@ Half Moon Bay Airport, Half Moon Bay, CA

April 2012

Detail shot of Primo Branco, the Mustang owned by the late Eddie Andreini,  on static display at the annual Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show.  One unique feature of this freshly restored Mustang is a custom smoke system for Eddie’s airshow performances.  He chose the name Primo Branco which is Italian for “Prime Mustang”.  Nikon D300 w/18-200mm, processing with Aperture.


One Response to “North American P-51D Mustang”

  1. That is the same aircraft that was once owned by the late Bob Love. Bob was a Korean War ace in the F-86 and also an Unlimited Air Race Pilot. In the 1980’s this aircraft was known as “Bernie’s Bo” on the port side bearing the same name as his F-86 in Korea and “Jolly Roger” on the starbooard side in tribute to his good friend Clifford Jolley, another Korean Ace.

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