Consolidated B-24J Liberator

@Moffett Federal Airfield, Mountain View, CA

May 2015

Waist gunner positions were often the most deadly crew positions, no armor plating and only a thin sheet of aluminum to annoy the incoming bullets.  Moffett Field is a regular stopover for the Collings Foundation’s annual “Wings of Freedom” tour with their B-17, B-24, B-25 and TP-51 warbirds.  This B-24 is the world’s only fully restored and flying B-24J Liberator.   Delivered in 1944, it was transferred to the Royal Air Force and supported Pacific theater bombing and anti-shipping operations before being abandoned in India at the end of the war, only to be restored by the Indian Air Force and used until 1968.  Nikon D7100 w/80-400mm, processed with Photomatix Pro and Aperture.


2 Responses to “Consolidated B-24J Liberator”

  1. Okay, you my not have meant it like this, but what a great US Memorial Day photograph. The power of those .50s, left unattended, is almost like a “missing man” flypast. Awesome.

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