Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star

@ Charles M Schulz- Sonoma County Airport, Santa Rosa CA

August 2012

This is one of my first aircraft images using high dynamic range (HDR) technique.  The image on the left is HDR and the one on the right is the normal exposure image.  This was a three-shot HDR with one normal exposure and exposures taken 2 stops above and below, capturing detail and texture in shadows and those lost in overexposure.  Normally done with a tripod, these images were taken handheld with a Nikon D7000 in high-speed bracketing mode.


2 Responses to “Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star”

  1. Looks nice. Did it come out the way you intended and will you be playing with HDR more or was this an experiment? Seems the show was worth attending!

    • Thanks Rob, I like the results and will certainly look for other HDR opportunities. I definitely see how metallic surfaces seem to benefit from the technique. 1300+ photos from the show to cull thru!

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